What Should I Wear?

The dress is a versatile garment; You can use it to go to the beach, to work, to attend a gala evening or a dinner with friends. The universe is filled with infinite long evening dresses, and there is a model and a protocol for every place you go.

There are short, long, dressed in flight, tight, with wide neckline, empire waist, with sleeves or without them. The dress is the garment that will make you shine wherever you go. To avoid any catastrophic errors of style and you’re ready with a spectacular look, we have some simple tips that will be useful when choosing long evening dresses for your events.

Knowing what kind of dress you wear, what are the best fabrics, the color that suits you, the best way to highlight your attributes and hide your weaknesses … it is essential in your choice.

The clothing you have to wear to a wedding is not the same as a cocktail, it is not the same as a dress for a wedding a wedding tomorrow night. Each place has its protocol, not just to behave in a certain way, but also when choosing long evening dresses to wear. In many cases, when you have to go to an event, you will receive an invitation in which it will be indicated how they want their guests to dress. If not, it is advisable that you know the rules.

For example, you should never wear white to a wedding. This is an insult to the bride since she should be the only one in white. You wouldn’t want to steal the attention away from the bride on her wedding day. In contrast, attending a funeral means wearing black or other dark colors. It is considered disrespectful to wear bright colors. Attending a prom or formal dance means you need to wear a long evening dress. These are just a few of the rules that exist.